• Inês Santos Silva Inês Santos Silva


    Bio: 21 year-old networker and wannabe social entrepreneur. Currently finishing her degree in Business Management at the University of Porto. Inês has always been proactive and an info-addicted. She has co-founded a Portuguese Junior Entreprise Federation, has founded a Think-Tank that discusses strategy, business models and innovation, was the organizer and host at TEDxYouth@Porto and more recently is organizing two Startup Weekends and two big conferences, about happiness and entrepreneurship.

  • Pedro Santos Pedro Santos

    Bio: Startup afficionado and consultant at 23ideas. Co-founder of Startup Jobs EU ( Holds an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management.

  • André Magalhães André Magalhães


    Bio: Social entrepreneur and student who is also working for Invicta Angels, a Business Angels Organization. André is finishing his degree in Economics at the University of Porto and is in charge of a social project named ATHOS. For the last years he has been highly involved with politics and the European network of Junior Enterprises as a board member of FEP Junior Consulting and JADE – European Confederation of Junior Enterprises.

  • Ana Almeida Ana Almeida

    Bio: Challenge passionate and fascinated by innovation. Student of Economics and coordinator of a youth group. Ana makes part of FEP Junior Consulting, is treasurer at FJEP- Portuguese Federation of Junior Enterprises and is currently organizing a junior enterprises' event.

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